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MOLTO DI PERSONALE, a physical and virtual reality, born from the passion of two friends united in the pursuit of beauty in every expression: design, art, graphics, fashion, craftsmanship, travel, music, in a word: lifestyle.

Immersed in our curiosity, we have developed professions and skills that lead us to explore, discover, invent, host, and share everything we find. Sometimes they are ideas, other times ambitious projects, but always inclusive of artists, emerging brands, extraordinary vintage pieces, and workshops rich in creativity. Every single piece chosen tells a story, just like every brand that decides to "travel" with us has a story to share. And here we are, ready to open the doors to this world of fascinating stories.

If fashion is your passion, if you are looking for pieces that reflect your unique style, if you love being part of a community that shares this same spirit, you have come to the right place.

Join us on this journey, and discover your authentic style, made of discoveries, sharing, and original pieces that tell your unique story.

Welcome to our community of style explorers!

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